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EBL Products Inc. occupies approximately 7,500 square feet of production and office space in East Hartford, Connecticut. The company's origin dates back to the 1940's and has a long history of customer satisfaction.

EBL's core business is customers who need 1 to 5,000 pieces per year, who need excellent customer service, and who are just not interesting to the big piezo manufacturers. EBL does not have many "standard" sizes and shapes and is comfortable working with customers to supply exactly what they want instead of what is convenient to make. The big manufacturers often use firing-to-size and minimal machining to keep prices low.

EBL's biggest success is with customers who need and will pay for precision machining. Markets include: medical, ndt transducer manufacturing, scanning tunneling microscopy, micropositioning, some flow/level measurement applications, research, and some others. Medical includes imaging, therapy, tissue ablation, drug dispensing, and some others.
EBL Products Inc.
22 Prestige Park Circle, East Hartford, CT 06108
PH (860) 290-3737 FAX (860) 291-2533
EMAIL eblpzt.paul@sbcglobal.net
Or eblproducts@gmail.com