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  • Durable Wearplates NDT Transducers

EBL offers precision matching layers and wearplates for NDT transducers, medical imaging transducers, acoustic emissions sensors, and other ultrasonic devices which require exceptional bandwidth and sensitivity

EBL's proprietary composite epoxy matching layers are engineered to provide efficient energy transfer from most common peizoceramics into low acoustic impedance loads. They feature uniform ultrasonic velocity and impedance combined with low ultrasonic attenuation. A wide assortment of characteristic impedances is available to accomodate single and multiple quarter wave matched designs.

EBL's matching layers may be ordered by frequency or thickness in diameters up to 1.5" (38mm). Layers are machined paralleled to within 0.0002" (5 micrometers).

For contact type NDT transducers and acoustic emission sensors, EBL offers a selection of durable wearplate and delay line materials. Our high purity aluminas (Al2O3) feature high hardness and extremely high ultrasonic velocities for acoustically negligible wear protection at frequencies as high as 20MHz. They can be provided with fired silver electrodes on one surface to facilitate transducer assembly.

Transducer Wearplate Technical Data

Material Description

Density (gm/cm3)

Acoustic Velocity (m/sec)

Acoustic Impedance (mks rayls)

Hardness (knoop/moh)
Typical Surface Finish (µ inch rms)

Pink Alumina, 96% "Hi Pure"



approx. 36



White Alumina, 98% "Hi Pure"



approx. 36



Onyx Black Alumina, 91% "Hi Pure"



approx. 36



Maximum Diameter: 1.250" unplated, 1.200" Silver one side
Tolerances: thickness +- .001" diameter +.000"/-.003"

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